Tigani, makers of superb quality, first pressed, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil.

What makes first pressed olive oil superior to other olive oils?

First pressed olive oil is pressed only once using no heat or solvents (cold pressed) by strictly mechanical means. There's a good reason why first pressed olive oil has a higher price tag than other oils on the shelf. First pressed extra virgin olive oil contains the most nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins of any other classification of oil. Tigani brand olive oil is guaranteed 100% first pressed extra virgin, and not combined virgin nor refined oil. It does not include chemicals that enhance taste or colour.

Tigani, premium cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil.

Oil Bottles

Discover the flavour of Italy with Tigani extra virgin olive oils. The bold flavours of Frantoio and Mediterraneo join our fruity, well rounded Pendolino to add a little magic to every meal.

Crafted with Passion

An Italian-style cold pressed olive oil. The Tigani family, makers of exceptional olive oil in their native Italy, have brought the family tradition to the renowned wine regions of Australia. The result is olive oil of superb quality.

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Tom Tigani is managing director of Kingsford Machinery. As an expert in olive harvesting and processing, Tom has experience harvesting over 400 groves all over australia. Kingsford machinery are suppliers of some of the best harvesting and processing machinery available and offer services in harvesting, processing, transportation, sales and consulting.