6 questions you should ask yourself before buying olive oil.

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When buying olive oil ask yourself the following questions

  1. Why are some imported olive oils selling at an average price of six to eight dollars per litre when the Italian produced first press oils sell for around eleven to thirteen dollars per litre in Italy?
  2. Why do cheap imported olives oils consistently look and taste exactly the same? Olives, like grapes, are subject to differing weather conditions each season so the taste of the olive oil will differ from season to season. The only way that olive oil can taste the same year after year is if it is made to a specific chemical formula.
  3. What is pure olive oil? When most people read pure olive oil they presume that it is 100% olive oil when in fact it is a mixture of various olives and other lower-grade oils, refined and confectioned into a pale gold liquid.
  4. What is light olive oil? Light olive oil is exactly that. In most cases light olive oil only contains around 20% olive oil with the remainder being a mixture of vegetable and palm oil.
  5. Is it first pressed? This is the most important criteria as it states you are buying olive oil from the first extraction of the olive. First press olive oil is by far the most beneficial for your health. As I am aware, all Australian produced olive oil fit this criteria.
  6. Is it Australian made? In Australia we are fortunate that our olive crops have minimal exposure to pests and disease. In Europe this is an enormous problem with up to 50% of trees effected by fruit fly causing low quality yields.       
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