Kingsford machinery supply some of the best machinery available

The best processing and harvesting machinery

Tom Tigani is managing director of Kingsford Machinery. He brings over 20 years of experience in the olive oil industry and can advise you on anything related to harvesting and processing.

Kingsford Machinery offer precessing services at a great price.



$200 per hour using vibrating trunk shaker which, dependent on management of the grove, elevation, and yield can average $3 per tree. 15 years experience with small, medium and large machines to cater for all groves with option of 5,6,7,8 metre umbrellas.


We are affiliated with 8 processing plants using the latest technology that can extract a maximum yield and quality of oil.
Processing Rates:
up to 1 ton - $350 per ton
1 to 4 ton - $300 per ton
over 4 ton - $250 per ton
No start up fee
Bin hire - $1 per bin per day


We can transport. $2 per km, minimum $100


We have buyers who are available to buy your oil


With 15 years experience harvesting over 400 groves all over Australia and having escorted 10 olive oil study tours world wide, I have much knowledge to share with you regarding: watering, pruning, weeding, varieties, spacings, fertigation, that will increase your yield.
This industry has been exploited by bad advice from nurserymen, and so called consultants. I offer you common sense advice, in the hope to make this industry viable for all, including growers.